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The "VisitBath" website describes the Parade Gardens in Bath this way:

"Parade Gardens occupies a triangular site bounded to the south by North Parade, to the north-east by the River Avon, and to the west by Pierrepont Street and Grand Parade.

These delightful two-and-a-half acre gardens are Bath's most popular pleasure grounds. They give fine views of Pulteney Bridge and the weir, especially from the colonnade which was built early in the last century."


The City Council's own website describes it this way:

"These delightful 1 hectare (2 and half acre) gardens are Bath's most centrally situated pleasure grounds.  Overlooking the River Avon they give fine views of Pulteney Bridge and the weir; a popular choice for Weddings and other Ceremonial Photographs."  


We very much appreciate that the Bath City Council have allowed us to use of this splendid facility for our festival since we started in 2015.  We, of course, had to meet the very reasonable requirements of the Council in providing adequate First Aid facilities and Security, which we were, of course quite happy to do.  

The address of the Parade Gardens is:
Parade Gardens, Grand Parade, Bath, BA2 4DF.