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Page background, including an image of Lisa Potts on the left hand side  Bath Christian Festival At the Parade Gardens 25th July 2015   2pm to 5pm Afterwards - Festival News Update Content: It’s happened!  People rocked and swayed to Gospel/Rock band ECHO, and many listened with rapt attention to Lisa Potts and Jane Allen as they both told their very personal stories of how their faith and knowing God helped in the challenges and struggles of life.  

Gospel/Soul band ECHO gave excellent renditions of many old favourites!

Event organised by Stepping Stones Church under 
International Gospel Outreach. For more information,
phone: 07749 618490.

There were also displays from various local/
national Christian organisations


Breaking News!

The Parade Gardens has been booked again for similar event like this in 2016, for July 23rd.  Check here again for further news!