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Header background for Bath Christian Festival Title: Bath Christian Festival At the Parade Gardens 25th July 2015 2pm to 5pm

The keynote speaker at the festival in 2015 was Lisa Potts (now Lisa Potts-Webb), a primary school teacher, who was awarded the George Medal for defending children in her care from a crazed attack by a man wielding a machete.  

She was just 21 in 1996, and a teacher in St Luke’s Primary School in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, when a crazed man broke into the school grounds, intent on harming the children.  Lisa stood between the attacker and the children to defend them, and was quite severely injured herself in the attack.  

The story made national headlines, and in 1997 she was awarded the George Medal for her brave efforts in defending the children.  In 1998 she published a book “Behind the Smile”, telling her personal story, and in 2001 she started a charity “Believe to Achieve”, with the aims to encourage and develop self-esteem in children and their families.

A web (Google) search on Lisa Potts will yield a wealth of information on these events of 1996 and onwards.   

Lisa Potts