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Charities at the Bath Christian Festival

The following local or national Charities and Christian Organisations were represented.  Most will have displays, stands, or separate marquees at the 2019 Bath Christian Festival.  

Below are brief descriptions of these organisations, and the brilliant work that they do!  Visitors to the Festival were able to browse their stands and chat to their representatives. But, even if you missed the Festival, you can still read below and visit their websites to discover more!  

Christian Police Association (CPA)

has been around for over 100 years.  The pressures on Police, at times, can be enormous.  The Christian Police Association exists to support and encourage Christians in their witness and service within the Police service and in the communities which they serve.

FGB (Full Gospel Businessmen)

FGB is part of a movement which started in 1952, to encourage Christians in business to share their stories of how God has helped them in their business, and in their lives in general, to encourage others.
This is normally done in the context of the congenial atmosphere of a meal in a hotel or cafe, with an invited speaker.  

Find out more from the FGB stand at the Festival!


“Supporting homeless and vulnerable people in Bath on their journey from crisis to independence”  This is our wonderful, and amazing, local charity which has 10 projects “meeting the needs of the hungry, homeless and vulnerable people in Bath and the surrounding areas”

Gideons International

The particular mission of Gideons International is to make the Bible, and the hope contained in the Bible, available to every man, woman and child on this planet!  They do this through Bible distribution in Schools, Prisons, Hotels, events like the Bath Christian Festival, and by any other means which become available to them!  Check them out!

HOTS (Healing on the Streets)

HOTS Bath are a groups of Christians from the Bath area who regularly pray for healing on the streets of Bath for anyone  who wishes to avail themselves of their services.  In spite of the scepticism of many, many have been observed (including by myself) to come away from their prayer sessions a lot happier, and often better, than when they came  “HOTS Bath”are part of the International HOTS network.

Open Air Campaigners (OAC)

The following desciption of their work can be found on their website:
“OAC Ministries finds as many creative ways as possible to present the good news of the love of God, especially in the open air and often in partnership with churches, schools, camps and major events. We’re part of Open Air Campaigners International, a worldwide interdenominational mission.”

Open Air Campainers UK are a UK registered charity.  


SAT-7 is a Christian satellite TV broadcaster to the Middle-East and North Africa, but a broadcaster with a difference!  From SAT-7’s website:  “Most television channels tend to have one-way communication. SAT-7 is an exception: we are passionate about making our satellite TV channels and digital platforms places we can have conversations and build relationships with our viewers.”

Find out more about “Audience engagement” and other aspects of their work on SAT-7’s websites!  Weblinks: and

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge UK is part of the Global Teen Challenge network, and runs one of the most successful outreach and drug rehabilitation programmes in the world.  They have seen amazing successes with addicts aged 18-50, helping them find freedom through their UK Drug Free Rehab Centres.  You don’t have to be a Christian to enter their programmes, or even commit to becoming a Christian(!), but you do have to be serious about wanting freedom from your addiction, and being willing to submit to the disciplines of the centres!  Graduates of the Teen Challenge programmes have told their stories in the Bath Christian Festivals of 2016 and 2018.  Weblink: