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ABOUT THE  FESTIVAL - Festival Report

The Bath Christian Festival was a lively event celebrating the fact that the Christian life can be exciting, life changing and exhilarating!

Held in the heart of Bath at the Parade Gardens, the event featured vibrant music and real life stories of how faith has helped people overcome challenging situations.

One of the main features this year was the Teen Challenge girls team from Wales, who were both singing and bringing their remarkable stories of faith, healing and deliverance from life controlling addictions and other issues.  Additionally, two other people shared their own very different personal stories of how faith in Jesus Christ has transformed their lives. Some of these stories were quite amazing!

in addition to the songs of the Teen Challenge team, a local band with singer Rachel Jane, and another local solo singer, performed, see the ‘About the Music’ page for more info about them!

This is the fourth year this Festival has been run in Bath, the team had learned and gained experience.  We now think that (maybe?) this was the best Bath Christian Festival yet!

There is also a Facebook page covering the Bath Christian Festival, see

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